Outrigger Canoe (OC)

Where else does Hawaii meet the Ottawa River? Come experience the thrill of paddling an outrigger canoe on the Ottawa River to discover this great Polynesian paddling sport. The Ottawa River provides some fantastic conditions for Outrigger paddling. From our beautiful riverfront location on the Ottawa River, participants will have the opportunity to develop their paddling skills in a fun and safe environment.

Join the recreational OC crew or bring your own crew and experience the energy of a big boat in a fun and friendly environment.

OC Recreational Program Details

Love getting to know people, being part of a team, spending the summers on the water but not keen on competing? Consider the ORCC's recreational Outrigger Canoe (OC) program and spend Tuesday evenings and/or Saturday mornings on the river! 

This is an uncoached program however participants will be accompanied by a seasoned OC paddler who will help lead the way and act as the steersperson on our larger OC boats. OC is a great way to enjoy the Ottawa River in a stable but speedy large boat. Each session lasts 1-2 hours depending on weather, energy levels, and practice plans guaranteeing you get off the water refreshed from the fresh air and exercise; not to mention the smile on your face bound to happen after spending an evening/morning paddling on the river with your new friends!

Register: Regardless of whether you are a member or not, if you plan on attending a session, please ensure you register by clicking the "Program Registration" button above. There is no fee to register, this simply ensures that the waiver is signed and that we have an emergency contact on file.

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Program Fees

Members: Free!

Non-Members: $18.00 for your first paddle and $12.00 for each subsequent paddle.

**Non-Member drop-in rates can be made by clicking the "Pay Drop-In Fee" button above

External Groups

A great option for previously established Dragon Boat teams looking to rent a dragon boat for use at the ORCC. Groups have the option of bringing their own coach/cox or have an ORCC coach lead the practice.

This is also a great activity for sport teams, community organizations, corporate events and really any other group that wants to have fun evening on the beautiful Ottawa River!

See below for further booking details.

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Booking Times Available

  • A standard practice is 1 hour on the water
  • Bookings can occur from Dawn to Dusk during May, June, September, and October
  • Times will be more limited in July & August (early mornings, evenings, weekends)

Booking Fees

Without Coach

  • $70 + HST / Per Hour = $79.10 per hour)

With Coach

  • $70 + Coach Rate + HST / Per Hour

Coach Rates

Junior Coach: $35 / Per Hour

Intermediate Coach: $40 / Per Hour

Senior Coach: $45 / Per Hour

Safety Requirement

  • Crews who do not hire a coach must have one experienced OC steersperson and one person who has completed a Huli drill (capsizing drill) and is confident in their abilities to lead the rest of the crew in the event of a capsizing. The steersperson and Huli trained crew member can be the same person.

Ottawa River Paddle Challenge

Please note that if you are looking to rent an OC for the Ottawa River Paddle Challenge (ORPC), this is not the proper link to do so. ORPC participants should have recieved the proper rental link from the event organizers.

Info for Community Groups (Scouts, Guides, Faith Groups, 4H, etc)

OC rentals are available for community groups but you must hire a coach if you do not meet the safety requirements laid out in the afforementioned section.

Participants must be at least 11 years old.

Please note that if you require a coach, one of the 6 or 4 spots in the boat will be taken by the coach so the maximum group size is 3, 5, 8, 10, or 13.

Booking Instructions

Please email us at recreation@orcc.ca to book your session. When emailing us please state the following:

  • 2-3 Ideal dates & times
  • Whether or not you would like a coach / steersperson.
  • If you would like a coach, what level of coach would you like
    • Junior Coach ($35.00)
    • Intermediate Coach ($40.00)
    • Senior Coach ($45.00)


Once details are confirmed we will invoice you via Quickbooks. Upon receiving your invoice, please send an e-transfer to treasurer@orcc.ca.