Outrigger Canoe

Where else does Hawaii meet the Ottawa River? Come experience the thrill of paddling an outrigger canoe on the Ottawa River to discover this Polynesian paddling sport. The Ottawa River provides some fantastic conditions for Outrigger paddling. From our beautiful riverfront location on the Ottawa River, participants will have the opportunity to develop their paddling skills.

Join one of the ORCC Outrigger boats or create your own crew and experience the energy of a big boat in a fun and friendly environment.

Recreational Program

Love getting to know people, being part of a team, spending the beautiful Ottawa summers on the river but not keen on competing? Check out the ORCC's recreational Outrigger Canoe program (OC6) and spend Wednesday evenings and/or Saturday mornings on the river! 

This is an uncoached program however participants will be accompanied by a seasoned OC6-er who will help lead the way and act as the steersperson. OC6 is a great way to enjoy the Ottawa River in a stable but speedy large boat. Each session lasts 1-2 hours depending on weather, energy levels, and practice plans and you're guaranteed to get off the water not only refreshed from the fresh air and exercise but also with a smile on your face that is bound to happen after spending an evening/morning paddling on the river with your new friends!


  • Non-Member: $18.00 for your first paddle and $12.00 for each subsequent paddle
    • Please add the OC drop-in fee located in our Store to your cart so we can track payments. 
  • Members: FREE

Click HERE to register for the Recreational OC6 Program


Outrigger Canoe Rental

Looking to rent an Outrigger Canoe? The Ottawa River Canoe Club has got you covered with an OC6 and OC4!

  • Cost: $70.00 + HST/hr for boat rental
    • ORCC members do not pay for boat rentals (meaning if there 4 non-members and 2 members, the group is only responsible for paying 2/3 of the rental fee). 
  • Coaching Fees:
    • Junior Coach: $25.00/hr
    • Senior Coach: $35.00/hr
    • Coach Bevin: $45.00/hr
  • Important notes
    • Uncoached OC rentals must have an individual(s) in the boat who:
      • Has received an orientation of where to go and where to avoid by an ORCC staff (this can be provided prior to going on the water)
      • Is able to steer on Outrigger Canoe 
      • Someone who has taken a Huli Drill (flipping and rescuing an OC)
    • If a crew does not have an individual(s) who meets these requirement's, a coach must be hired to accompany the boat. 

OC Booking Instructions Below: 

  • You must ensure you have an account through our website prior to booking. If you do not, please register HERE. OC bookings are completed through a third party service and so once the booking is complete, we generate the invoice from our internal system on your account.
  • Preferred method of Payment is e-transfer (funds to be sent to treasurer@orcc.ca, however credit and PayPal is an option once invoice is generated).