Why the ORCC?

Are you part of a community group (Scouts Canada, Girl Guides, religious groups, etc) or company looking to spend a day/evening on the beautiful Ottawa River?

The ORCC offer attending groups the ability canoe, kayak, SUP, dragon boat, or even try our outriggers. Sessions are planned around what your group is looking to accomplish. For some, that means learning the basics of paddling while for others it might mean paddling to Aylmer Island or Aylmer Beach for a beach day!

In essence, whatever you're interested in doing, we are more than happy to facilitate!

More Details

Activity Fees

Please view the appropriate info sheet linked in the top banner to see the respective activity costs.


We schedule group events around your availability. However, due to summer camps we do limit bookings during the weekdays in July and August. See below for more details:

  • Bookings can occur from Dawn to Dusk during May, June, September, and October
  • Times will be more limited in July & August (early mornings, evenings, weekends)

Dragon Boat and Outrigger Rentals

For more information on dragon boat and outrigger rentals, please review the respective pages found under the Programs < Classes and Boat Rentals sub-heading on our menu.