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ORCC membership offers tremendous value with expanding facilities, excellent equipment, and programs designed and managed by certified coaches. Paddling at the Ottawa River Canoe Club is a great way to spend the summer – on the water and in the boats! 

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  • Membership Term

    May 22 - May 21

    Fixed Dates

  • Cost


    ***Discount available when children registered for ORCC summer Camp***

  • Member Hours

    Mon - Fri: 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Sat - Sun: 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

    **Facilities are closed for the winter**

Membership Details

Membership Fees

Family Membership

  • $610.00 + $6.00 Per Person Insurance Fee + HST

Competitive Fees

Members interested in competing at local, regional, or national regattas must pay their competitive fees. These dues go directly to the various paddling asociations and the ORCC takes no percentage of these fees. You can purchase the respective fees on the membership page of our registration system (Amilia - SmartRec).

Camp Registration Discount

When you register a child for camp at the ORCC you receive a discount on your ORCC membership! See below for more details: 

 # of Camp Reg Individual Membership Discount Family Membership Discount
1 Camper 25% Discount = $66.25 Off 15% Discount = $91.50 Off
2 Campers 35% Discount = $92.75 Off 25% Discount = $152.50 Off
3 Campers 40% Discount = $106 Off 35% Discount = $213.50 Off


How to Claim:

  • Membership Already Purchased: Once you have purchased your membership, please email to issue your partial refund. Please provide the name of the campers you have registered for verification.
  • Camps Purchased but Membership Not Purchased: Proceed with registering for your membership; discount will automatically be applied.
  • Niether Camps or Membership Purchased: Purchase camps first and then proceed with registering for your membership; discount will automatically be applied.

What's Included

  • Use of club facilities and equipment during regular club hours throughout the entire season – from May 20th until October 8th. This includes the use of the skill-appropriate boats, paddles and life-jackets.

  • Member registration rates for ORCC programs where applicable (including our Intro to Comp summer camp).

  • Member registration rates to participate in ORCC teams at regional festivals and regattas – guaranteed to be lots of fun! These regattas and festivals are subject to additional registration fees not included in your ORCC membership pr the competitive membership fees.

  • Bring a guest to ORCC Open House or arrange for an introductory tour. Potential new members are always welcome to try before they buy, and can make arrangements to visit the club by contacting

ORCC Equipment

The ORCC has a wide variety of boats available to members. Some boat types do require approval to use and this can be achieved by receiving a boat specific orientation by certified staff and then demonstrating that the member is able to safely and responsibly use the boat. The division of boat types are as follows: 

No Orientation Required

  • Recreational Canoes (traditional canoes)
  • Recreational Kayaks (sit-on-tops and touring style kayaks)
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Orientation & Demonstration of Proficiency Required

  • Sprint Kayaks (ranging from beginner to advanced boats)
  • Sprint Canoes
  • Outriggers - AKA "OC" (1 person = OC1, 2 person=OC2, and 6 person=OC6)
  • Surf Ski's (Great entry boat for adults interested in moving up to more challenging sprint kayaks!)

It should be noted that the ORCC does not expect members to demonstrate that they are 'pros' in these boats. Simply, the member must be able to know what to do incase of emergencies and how to avoid damaging the equipment. We always encourage members to continue developing their paddling skills and to try new boats and so staff are always more than happy to provide members guidance in their respective boats!

Dock Duty (Hours Open to Members)


  • Monday - Friday: 17:00 - 20:30
  • Saturday & Sunday: 09:30 - 14:30

Hours will reduce on weekdays in the Fall to correspond with the shorter days.

***Please note that dock duty have the authority to restrict boat and water access in the event of dangerous river conditions. Please respect dock duty decisions.

Volunteering Requirement

  • As part of the ORCC community, all members 11 years of age and older are requested to commit 10 hours of their time per year to the canoe club. The majority of members far exceed this quota. 

  • Volunteer opportunities include helping to set-up the canoe club in the spring and put everything away in the fall, volunteering for one of our events such as the ORPC or the ORCC Dragon Boat Festival, facility maintenance, inventory management, boat repair, among many other possible tasks.

There is the option of paying a $150.00 volunteer opt-out fee if desired.

Credit Card & Cancellation Policy

Credit Card Policy

  • ORCC offers a variety of payment methods such as e-transfer, credit card, and PayPal. However, credit card / direct bank transfer (e-check) transactions cost the club thousands of dollars every year.  In an effort to keep program pricing reasonable, we ask those participants who wish to pay by credit card or e-check to ensure you also pay the credit card convenience fee to help offset the costs to the club. No convenience fee is charged for electronic transfers to

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware of the ORCC Cancellation Policy:

  • Program registration cancellations which are received two weeks prior to the start of the program will receive a full refund less the $15 non-refundable administration fee.
  • No refunds are available within two weeks of the start of the program or once the program has started; only a prorated credit will be issued.
  • In the case of injury or illness, a medical certificate may be required, and refunds will only be offered as camp fee prorated credit to be used for a future ORCC camp or program registration.


  • 4+ accessible parking spots
  • Ramps and Mobi mats providing a smooth and accessible path of travel
  • EZ docks: Dock addition that supports transfers in/out of boats
  • Rough terrain wheelchairs
  • Adaptive paddles
  • Adaptive seating and in-boat support systems
  • Floaties: Boat stabilizers
  • Wheelchair accessible changerooms and outdoor washrooms

What are your access needs? Do you have any access needs or disability accommodations that you would like us to know about? We will work with you and support a positive experience. Feel free to reach out to us at

How to Register

The ORCC has moved its registration system to Amilia - Smart Rec. Here is how you register: 

  1. Click the Register button above
  2. You will be brought to our Amilia Smart Rec page
  3. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create an account and add family profiles. 
  4. Select the program you are interested in and you will be prompted to select the person you are registering for. If not all information is already in the profile, you will be prompted to fill in the missing information. 
  5. Once all information is already added to a profile, you will only be prompted to enter registration information on an annual basis to ensure it is up to date. However, you can still change profile information in your Smart Rec Account.

How to Create an Account

How to Make a Purchase


Reach out to at to have all your questions answered or to schedule a site visit before joining.